Hrana ishrana zdravlje

The Student Congress „FOOD-NUTRITION-HEALTH“ (The Congress) is traditionally organized for the sixth time at the University of Sarajevo. The primary aim is to promote universal community values and a multidisciplinary approach to food production, its hygienic status and quality, different ways of nutrition, and an understanding of implications on the human health. This will be very important in addressing significant issues in this area of life. A multidisciplinary approach to addressing this complex issue is a contemporary way of the “European nation“ in finding the most rational answers to many questions in almost all parts of social life and activity.

Students and their teachers from faculties of medical, biotechnical, and humanistic studies of the University of Sarajevo will take part in the organization of the Congress.

The Scientific and Organizing Committee has defined topics that will be the subject of research and writing student papers, and relate to the following areas:

1. Primary food production and processing;
2. Toxicology and food safety;
3. Modern food diagnostics and analysis;
4. Nutrition throughout the life cycle;
5. Diet therapy;

The Congress will be held from November 18th to November 20th 2021.

Besides the students of the University of Sarajevo, we also expect the participation of students from the other Universities in Bosnia and Herzegovina and students from universities in neighboring countries.

All important information and dates will be timely posted on the Congress website.

-Organizing Committee